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best for SHIRTS

A shirt rests directly on your skin, so we emphasize so much on choosing the best possible quality.  Different patterns of shirt fabrics can also be playful to your designs and do a lot of mix and match.  Come to us, pick your selections and create unique design!

best for SUITS

Fabric always comes first. There are a thousand ways to sew a suit, but the garment is ultimately only as good as it’s most important raw input. The fabric selection is without a doubt the most important decision you will make when putting tougher your new suit. Not only does it determine how your suit will look and feel,but also how it will perform over time. So check out what we have, if you now can’t find any suitable fabrics here. Call / Email us as we have a lot more than here!

100% Superfine Wool

Fine Wool Cashmere

Silk Wool Blend Fabric

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